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His passion to help people recognize trauma responses in their lives and provide them with practical tools to heal and restore hope was birthed through traumas experienced from his own childhood, 21 years of raising a child with special needs and 26 years of Alaska law enforcement.  He knows how trauma frames us, how to recognize signs and symptoms and how to help people begin their journey to wholeness.


His intent with RESET is to train emergency responders, emergency responder families and community members all around the world on how to recognize trauma responses in themselves or others, and how to deal with those responses in healthy and safe ways before relationships are harmed from toxic behaviors that can severely disrupt or harm a healthy and productive life.  He will also be providing consulting to those who desire to learn how to establish resiliency programs, CIT training and to build community between business, government and their neighbors so meaningful partnerships and community can be built to effect positive change in one’s self and the community they live in.


He brings a vast amount of lived experience from rural Alaska on how to build trust and partnership with diverse groups of people.  He helps others build partnerships and community through being open and sharing real stories and experiences through his training and consulting services that builds trust, brings hope and leaves a lasting impact on those he interacts with.

For more information/qualifications see the below reference letters, or contact us.

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