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Helping people develop the ability to adapt to stressful situations or crisis so they can cope with life's challenges while being able to engage in work, carry out daily activities, and engage in satisfying relationships.



Helping people build meaningful relationships through intentional positive interactions. 

Providing practical tools to help effectively build personal and community relationships that will help establish a healthy community and long-lasting partnerships.



Helping people understand the importance of rest for spirit, soul and body through practical daily awareness tools that will help bring peace and balance to their lives with properly applied self-care strategies.



Helping employers increase employee retention and reduce agency liability by identifying employee trauma responses early and providing simple, realistic guidance and training to aid the employer in establishing employee resiliency programs that will serve members and member families of their agency. 


Helping people understand signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue and other mental health challenges that develop from long term exposure of trauma causing events and providing practical ways to overcome and maintain a healthy life style while being able to assist others.



Tom Dunn is the founder of RESET Training and Consulting.  He is a recently retired Lieutenant for the Alaska State Troopers (May 2020) who served the citizens of Alaska for over 25 years and is an FBI National Academy graduate of session 253.  During his career, he worked in many communities with rural and urban community diversity. He is a certified instructor in several law enforcement disciplines and is a current Mental Health First Aid instructor who has provided instruction at the Alaska State Trooper Training Academy and all over the State of Alaska. 


He is a founding member of the Mat-Su Crisis Intervention Team (C.I.T.) Coalition, established January 2015. C.I.T. is an innovative first-responder model of police-based crisis intervention training designed to help persons with mental disorders and/or addictions access medical treatment rather than place them in the criminal justice system due to illness-related behaviors.   It also promotes officer safety and the safety of the individual in crisis. 


The Mat-Su C.I.T. Coalition is a community partnership of law enforcement; EMS; medical, mental health, and addiction professionals; individuals who live with mental illness and/or addiction disorders and their families; as well as other advocates.


Tessa Dunn is the co-founder of RESET Training and Consulting. The mission is to teach first responders and their families, new ways to cope with trauma and exhaustion in the workplace. RESET also partners with staff and families of special needs children.

Tessa is married to Tom Dunn, the founder of RESET. Married for 26 years, they lived in Alaska while Tom worked as an Alaska State Trooper for 25 years. They have two beautiful children and personally know the challenges that autism brings to a family.

Tessa has worked in the public special education system for many years which included IEP records specialist and classroom aide. She credits her work experiences along with having a child who experiences a disability for her vast knowledge of the inner workings of special education. Tessa sat on the board of directors for LINKS, an organization that provides supports to the special needs community. She is also certified in both youth and adult Mental First Aid. 

Tessa and Tom are active members of inner healing ministries in their local church.  Their passion for inner healing, as part of RESET, incorporates a unique approach to healing trauma.

Tessa’s role in RESET will be co-teaching the workshops for spouses of first responders and educators. She is the event organizer and the biggest smile in the room.


Consulting Services


RESET consulting helps businesses, and professional organizations desiring to enhance employee productivity and commitment by establishing emotional care policies for employees and employee families.  RESET consulting helps clients strategize and implement policies and practices that fit their needs with long-term focus for sustainability and cost reductions.  The ideas and tools RESET gives to clients will help reduce operating costs through employee retention, increase employee productivity through resiliency skills, reduce liability, and enhance partnership building by helping clients identify key partners with common goals to connect through facilitated communications.

Training Services


RESET brings lived experience and practical easy to apply tools to the training audience that help attendees identify signs and symptoms of emotional or mental crisis and how to combat the effects of trauma.  The training RESET provides brings a genuine care to the room that helps attendees feel safe, heal and learn effectively so they can live satisfying and full lives despite the stressors of life.  REST training services will benefit businesses, professional organizations, communities, and family members who care for loved ones experiencing disabilities of all types through breaking stigmatisms and providing a pathway to transform culture through increased awareness.







“I want you to know I am not only happy for you and your family but encouraged for me and mine as I see you, and others, transitioning back to life.  Enjoy and stay safe, and know you have made a positive impact in my life, especially as of late.  If not for you and your support while I was going through my “issues” last year, I would likely not be working here any longer.  Thank you."

Investigator Dugger Cook

Alaska State Troopers

(March 2020)

“I wanted to first and foremost say thank you for your support during what I consider a pretty dark time in my career. I know you were also dealing with stuff, but you being available to just let me vent to sometimes was very therapeutic to me. I wanted you know the things you did with and for me did not go unnoticed and were appreciated. Some will learn over the next couple years it wasn’t really personal it was a result of what I have been through in this career and didn’t really know how to deal with it. Which is why I am grateful for the things you have done to help the department in this area. Your push for MHFA in our department will continue to move forward to the remaining troopers in the state as long as I am here, as I will not let it sit. I have seen firsthand the benefits of MHFA, CIT, Resiliency and Peer to Peer. I also, believe you helped me see that a fresh start in other areas would be beneficial to me.  I wasn’t always sure it was going to work, but because of those conversations and continued work it helped me move forward.Your drive and desire to make things better for our troopers will be missed, but I for one know you have earned the time to be retired and be with your family."

Sergeant Troy Shuey

Alaska State Troopers

(March 2020)

"Tom lead a Mental Health First Aid class for the family of first responders that I attended, and his openness about his personal path brought me to tears.  After being married to a trooper for 21 years of traumatic experiences, I was able to go so far beyond just helping my husband with his job… it helped me heal.  With caring and understanding, both Tom and Tessa have been role models for so many, I cannot tell you enough how much I respect them.  Thank you for being a blessing to with your testimony, being the leader we desperately needed, and for changing my life."

Rachel Covey

Alaska State Trooper wife of 21 years

(Anchorage, AK)

"I had the privilege of attending the MHFA class that you and your team taught and wanted to express my appreciation. I thoroughly enjoyed the way you presented the course material. You brought a level of realism to it by sharing your own personal experiences with MHFA which really elevated the training. It brought the material off of the text book and made it applicable to every day life. I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to take this course and look forward to attending future trainings that you are involved in."

Daniel Venie

Alaska State Trooper spouse 1 ½ years

(Wasilla, AK)

"Recently I attended a session Tom and Tessa hosted on Resiliency at our local parent resource center. They make a fabulous team! They connected with both parents and professionals in the audience and told relevant stories about their own journey of parents with a son who experiences Autism in a way that gave hope to all in the group. I would definitely attend another class if they offer one."


Dan Molina

Executive Director | Student Support Services

Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District

(Palmer, AK)

"I attended the Mental Health First Aid training in Wasilla in early January. My adult daughter attended it with me and we were both excited to see AST taking mental health for first responders and their family members very seriously and making it a priority. For 22 years we’ve been a law enforcement family and this is the first time we’ve been offered a training like this; a positive sign of changes in the way mental health issues are being treated. Lt. Dunn was one of our instructors and did an outstanding job of making difficult topics palatable for all of us, incorporating the curriculum with personal experience and making us all feel comfortable and heard. The information was helpful and the resources given to us were invaluable. I have a background in social services and am very familiar with much of the information discussed during the training and I still felt like the training was useful. The biggest positive of the training for me was the support for families. Finally feeling like the Department sees the needs of its employees and their families when it comes to mental health and emotional/social support is amazing. Lt. Dunn and Sgt. Crockett both worked to create an environment of learning and support that I hope continues on for years to come. I am very glad to have attended the training and encourage all families to do so as well."


Alia Granda

Alaska State Trooper wife 22 years

(Wasilla, AK)


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